2 Day Idea Development & Self Discovery Program

You know you are made for more. There is something you are passionate about. And you are willing to take action. Activate your power and begin your path. Our 2-day intensive program would enable you develop your idea, discover more about yourself and connect to a stronger meaning. Every session is held within a small group of 4 people who will work together within these 2 days.

Learn | Bond | Discover | Explore | Create


“Activate” is a 2 day intensive program consisting of diverse activities to help you unpack your thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to help you transform them into fruition. Our mission is to help you activate your power. Our vision with this program is to build a network of enthusiastic individuals who want to create positive and sustainable impact in this world using their very own unique gifts and talents.


Idea Development – Exploring structured processes to create

You might have an idea to start a project that would bring about social change. Or you have already started one  but you feel stuck about what the next steps are or you desire to grow your ideas in a sustainable way. Within this 2 day program you will find tools that would help you bring that idea into a real initiative, project or business. These tools an templates you will have access to can be used even after the program. When you complete this program, you will be ready to launch that you unique idea. 


Self Development – A Journey to self Discovery

This is beyond ideas development because we explore together with our special friend and partner, Authenticity coach Ceri Samvilian, a deeper journey of self discovery. We want you to tap into your authentic self as you explore your vision, that is why you will have sessions where you can use innovative tools and exercises, to discover and activate the power in you. Your program host is the renowned social entrepreneur Joana Adesuwa Reiterer.

Your Program Coaches

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We have curated a 2 day intensive program that would help you bring your ideas to live and transform them to fruition. Activate is divided into 3 parts. The first part is held online via zoom before and after the camp. While part 2 is held on day 1 of our camp. Part 3 is held on day 2. In between activities, you will have time to relax (Enjoy Yoga, Dance, walks and more) and enjoy the nature around you. Our program comes with 2 nights sleep-over, 2 breakfast, snacks for lunch and 2 special dinners where you will learn a profound traditional communal dining (Iboya & Fire) from some African cultures.

Iboya & Fire

Engage with African legend and teachings explored under the tree, around a large campfire, while enjoying communal traditional meals - Discover Vegetarian, mostly Vegan special African dishes.

In many African communities and tribes, it is a ceremonial experience for the elders of the village to gather the children and youths around a tree at sunset or deep moonlight, telling them tales of the land. These tales have hidden proverbs and idioms which offer lessons and historical teachings from African traditions. Knowledge was passed on from generations to generation in this style. From selected book readings to classic legends from African mythology, philosophy and spiritual practices. During this session, guests are encouraged to think along, ask questions and contemplate the text, legends and what it means for them and their ideas. To enhance program and your experience, we rekindle this tradition. 

Within our garden, a large camp fire is lit and dinner is prepared together. The idea of Communal Dining is for us to enjoy healthy wholesome plant-based dishes from around the world together. In many African communities, family, friends and strangers arrive at a party, drop all formalities and engage wholeheartedly celebrating and eating together. People talk, emotions are expressed and life can be wonderful. 

The communal dinner at Yellow Lodge is a ceremonial event. It begins only when everyone is ready to help create the experience. To be ready, you will need to drop your “luggages” of any kind and come in with an open mind. You engage by assisting to serve dinner and help decorate the table. When the feating space is ready, grab a pillow to settle down at your seat. Your host will offer a piece of gratitude for the moment and dinner can begin. 

Our dinners are curated especially for each session. We explore food from Africa to the Mediterranean and make sure to integrate some Austrian delicacies or at least bread, so everyone definitely finds something to eat. Sometimes you might go to the grill and roast your own bread rolls too. 

The truth passes through fire and does not burn.


More Social Good

Profits from your participation is invested in our MSME project in Nigeria which we run at Joadre. Joadre is business media and education platform. We teach African Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises how to grow an provide social and financial resources to them. Proceeds from our ACTIVATE program goes into creating more educational content and building up funds to support our members. You can see more on www.joadre.com.

Earthquakes, thunderbolts, fires, fathers.